Ace Camp Solutions - Remote Camp & Mobile Facilities

Ace Camp Solutions can accomodate any of your mobile/remote camp or modular building needs.We are very flexible in approach and will work closely with our clients to ensure that they are provided with one of the most modern, state of the art modular facilities available.

Ace Camps know that staff retention is a very high priority with training and inducting staff costing companies thousands in lost revenue. We are confident that once your staff are accommodated in an Ace Camp they won’t want to leave!

Let Ace Camp Solutions assist you with any of your mining camps, remote camps, mobile trailer camps and construction camp projects. We provide a premium product specialising in the following plug & play mobile & remote facilities.

    • Mobile Trailer Camps
    • Skid Mounted Mining Camps
    • Permanent Camps
    • Container built buildings

We also offer the following modules mounted on either trailers; skids or stumps.

    • Ensuited Sleeper Modules
    • Kitchen Modules
    • Dining/Mess Modules
    • Recreation Modules
    • Laundry/Gym Modules
    • Cold Room Freezer/Dry Store Modules
    • Waste Treatment Plant ("A" class water)
    • Extra Water Storage modules

We can configure layout of camp and modular units to suit or customers individual requirements.

    • Specialized Field Crib/Dining Modules
    • Specialized Field Office/Admin Modules
    • Ablution Facilities Modules

Ace Camp Solutions is committed to providing one of the safest, robust, modern, practical, environmentally friendly remote camp & facilities on the market! Our aim is to be "The Camp" everyone wants to stay at.



Safety is our number one priority, our comprehensive safety model reflects our commitment to our clients, their workforce and our people.

Environmentally Friendly

Our Commitment to the environment is as important to us as our clients, such as the use of LED lighting throughout (less power consumed); excessive use of insulation (Double "R" value in roof); Option of "A" Class waste treatment plants; Windows on all Modules; patented above ground walkway system, (less ground impact), Weather proofed shaded walkways between all personnel modules (cooler camp) plus many more. These are all part of our committment to make both our Clients staff contented and very comfortable while still being as environmentally friendly as possible.


Our unique leasing structure eliminates the significant capital costs associated with traditional camp construction and is ideal for short to medium term applications where mobility and time frames are critical.

Rapid Mobile Camp Set Up

Once delivered and positioned on-site, with Ace Camp Solutions patented trailer walkway system which provides all services running under decks and with wireless systems in place (less leads & cables) your mobile camp will be operational in a matter of hours.